And So It Begins

Hey there. How's it going?   I decided to start a blog, because I always have 1001 ideas and thoughts and stories running through my head, but especially stories. And because I love to write, I figured there was no better way to share those stories with my friends, family, and strangers, than a blog. [...]


Letter to My Daughter

My Sweet Emmaline, On the eve of your second birthday, my heart is full. I have spent two years watching you grow and develop. I have laughed at your silly antics, cried out of frustration and exhaustion, fallen asleep sitting up, stayed up all night to watch your temperature and listen to your breathing. I [...]

Classrooms and Comfort Food

What. A. Week. For those of you unfamiliar with what's going on with Oklahoma Education at the moment, on April 2nd, Oklahoma teachers staged a walkout (a la West Virginia. Thank you!!). I wrote a semi-extensive post about it on Facebook already, which you can read here. I have a lot to say about public [...]

Winner, Winner…Tuna Dinner?

I should start by recognizing two things. I haven't written in a while. The world has apparently lost it's dang mind. Long story short, I have a full time job, I'm part of the Junior League of Oklahoma City, I'm a wife, and a mom to the cutest kid ever, and I just haven't set [...]

One Sunny Day a Year Ago…

My, my, my, how time flies. Somehow, some way, I blinked, and my sweet baby girl is turning ONE. So, on the eve of her very first birthday, I'm going to share my (our?) birth story. So...if details aren't your thing, you might want to bail out now. Ready. Set. Bail.       Okay. [...]

Spring Break!

I'm a teacher, so I get the joy of having spring break, and the current school district I work in gave us TEN DAYS of spring break (if you count the weekends). I spent Friday running errands, cleaning, and unpacking. I spent Saturday planning Little Miss E's first birthday party with a dear friend, and [...]